It changed the atmosphere and the heart

By on 10-16-2012 in Featured, News

It changed the atmosphere and the heart

I have a friend who takes care of people who want to stay in their own homes, and she took a couple of my CD’s to one of her clients. The lady has dementia, and was reluctant because my friend asked her to play the CD’s and wanted to play her own.

So my friend convinced her to listen to the music, and the lady who was normally very restless and sometimes angry, became quiet, peaceful, relaxed, and she went to sleep.

My friend said that when she returned the next day, the woman said she was so excited and she had shared with everyone who had come in to see her. She said she could see me sitting with my eyes closed and a big smile on my face.

That’s amazing…

People used to say they’d see other people who came in angry to the airport begin to relax and calm down when they heard the music.

I’ve seen the music do that at the airport for years, but it’s neat that it’s in different venue, different surroundings, but the same result.