Review of the Concert in the Grotto

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Review of the Concert in the Grotto

This concert began when I tried to drive over to the Grotto the previous Monday to turn in some papers and try the piano. I began at about ten minutes to four thinking it would take about forty-five minutes.

It was raining and nasty out, and beginning to get dark.

I noticed that the traffic was moving very slowly as I began driving on the freeway. I watched the clock and it seemed to be going faster but the traffic was going about 5 miles an hour. There had been wrecks on highway 26 and one on 84.

To sum it up, the trip took me an hour and a half – twice as long as I was planning. I was told by several that the Grotto was open until 6:00pm but that the gates were locked  at 5:30pm. But when I arrived it was about 5:17 and to my dismay, the gates were already locked.

I was so disappointed but decided to return and try again the next day. So instead of practicing at the Grotto, I went on to play for two hours at the airport. It was wonderful. I meet some interesting people. Folks are so appreciative also.

The next day I was able to break free from things at about 3:00pm and tried again. It took 35 minutes and the weather was better. I delivered my papers, and proceeded to the chapel and over to the piano. It was an upright Kawai. It had a nice touch.

Something happened to me. As I played, I was so engulfed by the awesome presence of God. It gripped my heart and was like that the rest of the night. I felt like a little child, and I remembered how my big sister had wanted my to play at The Grotto. She thought it would be so beautiful.

I wish she had been here, but her prayer was answered. What a serene, special time it was to play and listen to the notes singing.

Much appreciation for the help with publicity to those of you who shared this event with friends!

I was a little surprised to have to climb four flights of stairs ……in high heels :) That was to get into the first auditorium where we waited for an hour. I had left my running shoes in the car.

It was a different twist to have two other musicians playing also, but it was wonderful. I played with Pastor Greg on bass and Cole on the clarinet.

The sound was amazing!

Next time I would rent a grand piano and center it so their could be better interaction with the audience. This is the first time I have done a concert with my back to the people, but I hope that did not distract from the music.

I was taken back that people wanted to clap so much and loudly, since I am used to playing in places where people do not clap for the music. But it was not a performance for me, it was worship.

The people from the grotto were so kind and encouraging, and I would like to say a big thank-you to them.

We are so appreciative to those who came from other states, and those who came from all over the Portland, Gresham, and Hillsboro areas.  Thank you soooooooooo much for taking the time.

One friend came up the aisle and said “it was just beautiful!”.

Thank you to all who prayed for us. I can remember one time I felt I should go ahead with a cameo from an original concerto of mine and in rehearsal I made so many mistakes on it that I dropped it from the program.

As I approached the place where it had been deleted, in my heart I felt “play the concerto cameo” and I was a little surprised, but I prayed for help and moved into it.
I was so grateful. I know it was because of your prayers that I played it without a mistake. Thank the Lord for His grace and faithfulness.